Tuesday, July 17, 2007


today was my 2nd doctor's appointment. jerry and jacob got to be there. this is the one where we get to hear the baby's heartbeat!

i go in and step on the dreaded scale...minus 2 pounds. shocking!

i'll enjoy it while i can.

we wait an unusually short amount of time for the doc to come in. she gets out her "doppler thingy" to listen for the heartbeat. she's moving it around for a couple of minutes...nothing. not a sound.

my heart is beating 90 mph.

she said it's challenging sometimes to hear the heartbeat as early as 11 weeks. we'll just go take a look on the ultrasound.

my pregnancy with jacob was just too easy...this one has been an emotional roller coaster.

walking to the ultrasound room, i was so scared.

she put the "wand" on my belly and immediately, there it was. our little miracle, with it's heart beating away.

thank you, jesus!

before i formed you in the womb, i knew you. before you were born, i set you apart. jeremiah 1:5


jaronxaveryxano said...

There are few moments in life so precious as the first time you hear (or see) that little heart beating. It's at that very moment that 'love' is the most easily defined. Cherish these times...
And be stinkin' ecstatic over those 2 pounds!!

ree said...

I'm so glad everything turned out okay!!! Hmm...maybe since this one is so different means that it's a girl? I guess we'll see...

kj said...

thank goodness everything is okay. praise Jesus for a healthy baby.

marme said...

Awh, I remember hearing those first heartbeats like it was yesterday. I always cried like a baby and said "Thank you Jesus!

...Thank you Jesus.

Oh, and I found your 2 pounds.

kdp said...

i remember every time i heard the heartbeats of all my babies. there is nothing more sweet. my eyes would fill up with tears as i praised the Lord for each precious miracle. my favorite part was when i could feel each kicking inside me. what a thrill.

i wrote it down in each one of the girls journals that i have kept for each one of them since i was 29 weeks pregnant. hannah now has two journals.

thank you for your rich, rich blessings.

no_iffer said...

That moment is unforgettable. Hearing the heartbeat. Nothing compares to it. That very same thing happened to me at that appt and it was pretty scary. It was almost like a gentle reminder of how miraculous pregnancy is.

Now, you did not have to go and brag about the 2 pounds. That wasn't very nice. Not nice at all...:)