Wednesday, July 4, 2007

little boys...

yesterday, jacob and i are making our daily drive out by our lot to see, if by some miracle, they have actually started working on it.

they have!! they finally broke ground. i'll post a picture later.

so, as we're leaving, being the pregnant woman i am, i realize i just drank like 3 glasses of water at lunch and i still have errands to run. i hate public restrooms!

i call kylah.

me: "hi, what are you doing?"

kylah: "nothing..." (without giving her a chance to go on)

me: "are you at home?"

kylah: "yes."

me: "do you mind if we come by? i could really use your restroom!" (as i had already turned on to her street.)

we sat and talked for a while. it was very nice. i've been staying at home most days, all day long with jacob. some adult conversation is pretty good.

jacob's running around the house like he owns the place, when all of the sudden he stops on the side of the couch.

he lays his head down and starts making a noise.

me: "baby, what are you doing??"

jacob: (looking up at me with the reddest face ever) "making poo poos."

and off he goes to play again.

little boys...


kj said...

it was the most hilarious thing i've ever witnessed from this little boy! he was just so proud!

"making poopoos! making poopoos!"


seph said...

ellie makes that face too! only she doesn't say the "making poopoos part," obviously. i can't even imagine the day when she does that. oh lord.

jaronxaveryxano said...

too very cute! that grunty-face is something that is irresistibly cute - I don't care who you are!
Congratulations on the ground-breaking! I guess we'll be neighbors - well, sort of... nearly neighbors.