Friday, July 27, 2007

His faithfulness

you'll have to catch up on the previous posts (both written in the last 20 minutes) to know what i'm babbling about but...

i was going through some old stuff and just happened to open a book to this devotion.
Bound to Perfection

"God says that perfect love casts out fear.
When we discover God's perfect
love for us, our fear of failure, rejection,
and of being forgotten simply fades
away, and the beauty of Christ's light
warms our hearts toward all those around
thank you, Jesus, for your never-ending faithfulness. thank you for always sending the right words, whether through a devotion, a blog, another person, or whatever you see fit. anytime i begin to doubt myself and let the devil in, you're there pushing him out...claiming me as your own. i love you.