Monday, February 6, 2012

Ten months.

since i'm way late posting this time, i'm sad to say that my baby girl will be month! she looks like such a big girl now. dramatic changes have occurred in her appearance and personality since last month. i can hardly stand it.

here are her ten-month stats:
  • 17.6 pounds. (down from last month due to all her sickness.)
  • 28 inches.
  • more and more blonde hair.
  • less blue, more slate-ish eyes.
  • still two teeth, although she's been pushing hard on her top gums. you can see the shape of them. won't be long.
  • we finally had somewhat of a nap routine going, and then grandma and papa came to visit. back to square one. :)
  • says "momma" and "dada" that order.
  • still not crawling. she inches forward by planting her face on the ground with one arm stretched out and pushing off with her tip toes. she mostly prefers to roll though. and she's fast at it.
  • legs are getting stronger. she can stand supported for quite a while now.
  • still fascinated with outside and now her brothers' room also. anytime we walk past a door to either, she gets really excited followed by really angry if she doesn't get to go out or in.
  • is so happy lately. i mean, a little ham! she smiles at everyone. that is, after she plays shy. i think she thinks it gets her more attention. she's probably right.
  • takes baths in the big bath tub now...usually with her brothers. she loves it.
  • has no interest in a sippy cup...except to chew on the spout part.
  • is working on building up her appetite again. she was so stopped up for weeks that she had no desire to eat...hence the slight weight loss.
  • had three ear infections this month. grrr...
  • had her first visit to the ER this month. double grrr...
  • got her very own nebulizer mask this month. grrr...grrr...grrr...

i attempted to take these pictures in the morning before we took casen to school. this was the result.

much better results in the afternoon. 
(even though she about gave me a heart attack every time i tried to snap a picture. she was getting so excited she almost fell off that chair eighteen times.)

look at those big eyes.

i'm absolutely in love with the top right picture. those chubby fingers are perfection.

happy ten months, baby girl. love, momma.

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Wendy said...

Is it just me or do she look SO different this month? Looking a little less like a baby with all that hair. Sweet sweet!