Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pillow makeover.

The current throw pillows on our couch are, let's say, less than impressive. I've been unhappy with them for quite some time, but I HATE spending money on things that just look pretty and serve no practical purpose. Also, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with them.

This morning, as I looked at them with disgust...again, I realized that I could just sew new covers to go over the existing filler. That thought was good in theory.

The pillows that I have do not have covers. They're all one piece with stuffing inside. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I had to cut the pillow to get to the filling. Since I wanted to sew a simple envelope cover, I had to first sew a cover for the filling that would then be inserted into the real cover.

It all sounds very complicated but turned out to be pretty simple.

I made a trip to hobby lobby this morning and found some super cute fabric that I think I'll be able to find other fabric to coordinate with.

The real plus is that with the existing filler, the fabric that I already owned to make the inside cover, and a 40% off coupon for the fabric, the updated pillow cost me $5.51. I can handle that!

One down, three or four more to go.

On another note, I would've posted a comparison of the old and new, but I currently have one cute boy taking a nap on the matching old one.


Sheena said...

Super cute pillow, Zach saw the picture that you had posted on facebook and instantly said to me why don't we do that instead of trying to buy them. He is a very frugal person and has the same concept of pretty things as you:).

kj said...

i love it! love. love. love. :) nice job!