Friday, March 2, 2012

Eleven months.

i'm pretty much in denial about this month. especially since february didn't have a 30th day, i've been trying to just skip right over and continue with ten months. but alas, i cannot.

here are her eleven-months stats:
  • 18.1 pounds.
  • 28 inches.
  • sweepy, blonde hair with "wings" on both sides.
  • slate-ish eyes encompassed by dark blue.
  • still only the bottom two teeth.
  • naps! we've finally got something consistent going. of course, this all occurred as i contemplated joining the gym since she wasn't going to nap anyway. i'm gonna give it a go though.
  • the girl yells...ALL.OF.THE.TIME. she's developing more of a "casen" personality.
  • still not crawling the "correct" way. she gets on her hands and knees and lunges forward over and over...much like a caterpillar or something.
  • explores the house now. the boys have had to start closing their door when she's awake. too many small toys for her small mouth.
  • has begun to annoy her brothers. i no longer only hear complaints from them about each other. they've added mya into the mix. like, "mya is trying to get my food!" "mya won't stop following me!" "mya won't stay out of my room!" oh, joy.
  • is obsessed with the security alarm sensor thing. i have no idea why.
  • is also obsessed with the bottom shelves in the office and living room.
  • is still calmed by the singing of "her song". little miss mya sat on a papaya. then she squished it. squished it like a biscuit.
  • could be a gymnast in the future. you've seen the pics to support that.
  • wakes up happy most every morning...despite the fact that her diaper leaks most every night. grr...
  • is now less than one month away from turning one. holy moly. 

happy eleven months, sweet girl. love, momma.

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