Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a few new additions.

in the past few weeks, i've added a few things to mya's nursery. mostly thanks to my mom who's a shopping finatic. and remember, there's a trip to san antonio coming this weekend. i'm sure i will have many more things to add following that. for now, take a look at the most recent additions.

the first two sets of pictures are new crib sheets. i got the fabric from hobby lobby and our dear friend wendy loaned me her sewing skills and transformed the fabric into crib sheets. she did an amazing job! they fit perfectly.

then we have freshly washed onesies and sleepers. this drawer is all newborn stuff. some of it is long sleeve. the way the weather's been going lately, i don't see it being worn much. that first stack is short sleeved onesies...only about 10 of them. i'll be adding to that.

this drawer is the bigger stuff...from 3 months on up. again, lots of sleepers, not alot of onesies.

and then there's the blankets. the majority of these are aden + anais blankets. super thin and adorable. that gray one is actually just a piece of jersey fabric that i plan to use for newborn pictures.

her closet is looking much better. again, thanks to my mom. and that chair on the right was actually my great or great-great grandmother's. whichever it belonged to, it's old. that blanket is one that i recently found at a garage sale. i just like the look of it.

on another note, i had my 36-week check up today. my doctor is unable to tell whether mya is head up or head down at the moment. she can feel something round and hard at the top of my belly and also something round and hard at the bottom of my belly. now, for me, my thoughts automatically go to head size. if my doctor can't tell her head and butt apart by the size, it could either be really good or really bad. if she has my butt...bad. if she has jerry's...good. i'm hoping for the latter. :)

i go back in a week. at that time she'll do an ultrasound to determine how she's facing. if she's head down, we're good. if not, she's going to try to turn her. i'm not at all thrilled with that idea. i don't know what it entails, but it doesn't sound pleasant. of course, the alternative would be a c-section. i just want a healthy, baby girl. whatever course we have to take to accomplish that, we'll do. i'd just like it to be the easier, more natural one. :) pray for that, please.


La said...

Nope, trying to get her turned would not be fun. Aulora was breech and we couldn't wait for her to turn because of the very low amniotic fluid. (she ended being c section anyway though since she wouldn't turn)

My mom, however, delivered my older sister double breech - as in, her bottom came out first and then her feet and head together. I'm still shocked my mom was willing to have kids after that! =)

The nursery is looking so pretty. You're making me want another one right NOW!

Wendy said...

I'm glad the crib sheets worked. That would have been a big pain for you to only have one! I do remember with my newborns, I'd put a receiving blanket down under them so I didn't ever have to wash the sheets. But that only last so long.

Healer said...

Very beautiful blankets, boys etc. ;)