Tuesday, March 22, 2011

almost there.

i went to the doctor today. after waiting over two hours because she got called out for an emergency c-section...again...she pushed on my belly and said baby girl is still head down. yay! and then she checked my cervix. i'm dilated to between two and three centimeters right now. we have the induction scheduled for next wednesday, march 30, if mya's stubborn enough to wait that long. i truly believe she is. :)

this all leads me to the true reality that this is actually happening. for so long, i felt like it was forever away. now we're just over a week the most. i have quite the to-do list going for before she arrives. not much of it involves actual preparation for her, just things i'd like to have done so i don't have to worry about them once she gets here. still, i'm starting to get a little nervous.

i mean, i'm going to have a GIRL! i still can't believe it.

i absolutely cannot wait to see her sweet face. and to know what color her hair is going to be. :)

soon you will be in my arms, baby girl. soon.


Meems said...

I am so happy for you! A baby girl will be a ton of fun!

La said...

I was always the same way. I wanted to get everything in the world done before the baby came and no one could convince me that those things didn't matter. So, I hope you have a productive week and get it all done. Don't forget to sleep! ;)

ree said...

She will be beautiful and sweet, no matter what color the hair. Although, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit curious myself! ;)