Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a plan.

tomorrow i will be 34 weeks pregnant. it seriously feels like i should be at least 38 weeks. i'm just so ready. SO ready.

i went to the doctor today. before my appointment, i considered calling labor and delivery because i noticed mya's activity had decreased quite a bit compared to any other day. for a while, i just sat and pushed on my belly. i could feel her body, but nothing i did would get her to move. i was a little freaked out, to say the least. she finally gave me a kick and i had a slight sense of relief.

i went in at my normal time and told the nurse what was going on. anytime you say "decreased activity" when you're pregnant, you apparently get to be hooked up to a monitor for 20 or 30 minutes. it wasn't a bad deal considering my doctor 's on-call days are tuesdays and she had been called over to the hospital for a while anyway.

turns out, everything was okay. mya was apparently just sleeping well...something she rarely does. seriously. the child is always moving. nonetheless, heart rate was good, and she was moving more while i was hooked up to the monitor. doctor said she's an a+ baby. :)

she asked if i had any questions. i immediately said, "what are the chances of inducing early?" i'm in no hurry, as you can see.

she said we could induce at 39 weeks, which would be march 30. it's on the books. done.

so long as my body is "ready", that is.

so, that's the of now.

i've had two inductions so far and don't really foresee this pregnancy being any different. i'd kinda like to have the whole surprise labor starting experience, but i'm not willing to wait for it. :)

again, i'm in absolutely no hurry.


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