Friday, August 1, 2008

the new do

okay. here it is.



the look i was somewhat going for:
(not the color, of course.)

okay, so it's definitely not rachael, but i do like it.


La said...

i LOVE it! very, very cute!

kj said...

whoa hot mama!!

i love it!

Wendy said...

I like it!! I wish I could see it better, though. I'll just have to see it in person.

JAC said...

Very nice - I like!

Mari said...

oooo, I like it! I've been trying to psych myself up to cut mine. I was trying to avoid the predictable "mom cut," but I think it's time.

beautiful chaos said...

i seriously love it!

ree said...

Way cute!
Love it!

Jenni said...

Adore it! Suits you pefectly

CG said...

way sexy!!!