Saturday, August 23, 2008


in one short week, casen has learned to sit up, "crawl"'s really more of a scoot, and hold his own bottle!

he has not mastered any of them, but still...

school is now two days away and already i'm missing so much!

jacob seems so big right intuitive.

i just don't want to leave them.

of course, that dream will have to hold off for a while...years, probably.

by the time it's feasible, they'll probably both be in school. then, really, what's the point?

i could be one of those moms who doesn't work and just volunteers at their kids' schools.

hmm...i kinda like that idea! =)

anyway, the past week has been so stressful. everyday, all i've been able to think about is getting my boys.

yesterday was a HARD day. i was so stressed out that i felt sick to my stomach for the majority of the day. all i wanted to do was go pick up jacob and casen and kiss and hold them.

toward the end of the day, i did get a text from my sweet friend, sarah. after that, a wave of peace and rejoicing came over me. thanks, friend!

i just have to remember i am where i am for a reason. until God decides otherwise, i have to rejoice in my assignment...embrace it...own it.

my goal for the year is for my students to see a different me...the me i am when i'm with my boys...the me who smiles constantly just thinking of them...the me whose joy shows through with no effort.

that is my goal.


Meems said...

Lord please give her the peace she needs to be able to be who she has to be in this moment.

I absolutly love this statement, "i have to rejoice in my assignment...embrace it...own it". I think I will be quoting that one quite a bit.

You my friend really do have such a sweet smile. When those kids see that side of you they will perhaps they will show some mercy. It seems as though resently you have really come into yourself and (not to sound corny) what a beautiful butterfly you have become.

Meems said...

OK, so that is corny, but it is true.

seph said...

you're gonna do great, crys. just great.