Saturday, May 3, 2008


okay...i know tanning is bad for you and blah, blah, blah.


i'm going to vegas in a month. i'm working like crazy and have no time to go outside.

and let's face it...tan fat looks much better than white fat.

so, i'm going to start tanning.

why am i posting about this, you ask?

i'm going to go to elite physique since it's close to my work, and i can go during my conference.

if i have a "buddy" who also needs to tan, we can save $15 off the regular unlimited tanning package.

the regular package is $49. with a buddy, it would be $34 each.

anyone interested?

we wouldn't have to go at the same time, and they have two locations for convenience. we just have to sign up at the same time.

i'm planning on going at the beginning of this week.

let me know!


seph said...

i would totally go, but i think they might frown on a pregnant girl going in there. if you were going three months from now, i would so be there.

Michelle said...

Crys--I may want in on that deal. I need to look at least presentable for Amy's Wedding. Call me.


Sara_Smiles said...

Ditto the big white pregnant girl would go... tanning bed or not... the sun or darker skin makes all fat feel better. :)

Have fun, my friend!

beautiful chaos said...

I wonder if I could talk my pasty husband into getting a buddy package with you. He really needs to represent.

crys said...

i'll be calling you soon!

no_iffer said...

I um, might want in. I have always adamantly opposed tanning because of, well, cancer and stuff, but I am pretty white. And Vegas is looming in my near future as well. Hmmmm....