Thursday, May 8, 2008

according to jacob...

i am not a "big boy".

we are driving down college hills yesterday and pass the putt putt place. jacob calls it the "golf park".

this is our conversation.

jacob: "look momma! the golf park!"

me: "i see it!"

jacob: "i want to go there!"

me: "you have to tell your daddy."

jacob: "i'm going to go there with daddy...only daddy!"

me: "okay, fine."

jacob: "i'm a big boy. i can go by myself. and daddy is a big boy. he can go. me and daddy can go. i'm not going with you, momma. you're not a big boy...only daddy!"

okay then. i'm not a big boy, and i can't go to the golf park.

1 comment:

seph said...

HA! totally one of those needing-to-be-documented conversations. love it. he's so funny. kids are comic relief, if nothing else, yeah?