Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i know casen is cute, but seeing that picture everytime you open my blog means that i haven't posted anything.

so sorry!

i'm so ready for summer. i'm ready for things to slow down!

i feel like i have no time to think lately.

here's what's been going on.
  • i love my boys so much! i just want to be with them ALL the time...including my husband!
  • casen has started grabbing things now. he laughs like crazy. last night i was rolling him over on to his stomach...every time, he would just tilt his head and roll back over. he's really liking the tummy time though.
  • jacob is growing up before my eyes. it's incredible the things he comes home knowing everyday. he's talking like a grown up...complete sentences and correct tenses. he still can't say his "k" and "l" sounds. so cute though.
  • jerry is still working like crazy. i'm so ready for him to have a break. he deserves it!
  • we only have 7 days left of of those is a trip to sea world. there are pros and cons to that. for one, it's sea world. on the other hand, it involves 100 7th graders.
  • our preliminary taks results are in...not as good as we'd hoped, but acceptable.
  • my students are driving my crazy. some of them have shut down. i hate it! i just wish i could motivate them without threatening failing.
  • gas is unbelievable! it's costing $85-$90 to fill up. nuts! and jerry's on a hummer kick. he's not always the most practical person.
  • we pulled up every weed in our backyard sunday. i am sore, but well worth it. the yard looks really good. the grass is filling in nicely. now we just have to tackle the front and side all our free time, of course.
  • hanging out with the girls last saturday was so nice! it was a much needed break.
  • oh, i apparently have a sinus infection. i've been sick for about 3 weeks and jerry finally forced me to go to the doctor. i'm on two antibiotics. hopefully i can kick it soon. it's getting old.
  • i've been tanning...and apparently post-pregnancy-stretched-belly skin doesn't tan so well. who knew?!?! not really the effect i was going for.
  • this is teacher appreciation week at school...yesterday we had donuts and fruits and stuff. today we have cookies. this is also not contributing well to that previously mentioned belly.

okay, this is quite a post for me. i should stop now. hopefully more regular blogging will come once summer gets here.

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Jenni said...

I totally hear you on the gas - I passed the $90 mark for the first time this week. Why do we love our huge gas-guzzlers so???