Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my poor baby

casen has his first ear infection.

he's coughing, sneezing, got a stuffy nose and gunk coming out of his eyes.

he's trying to be happy, but it's so hard.

jerry took him to the doctor yesterday. he now has to take medicine twice a day for ten days plus get eye drops in his eyes a few times a day.

it's so sad. he's always so happy. i hate seeing him like this.

to make matters worse, i thought i was getting over being sick.


i went to bed last night feeling horrible...sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes. casen woke up so many times during the night.

i got up once. my wonderful husband took care of him the rest of the time. everytime he would come back to bed, he would feel of my head. he thinks i had a fever. he just kept telling me to stay home.

i am obviously not at home. i'm at school. another day of teaching.

but not counting today, we only have 17 school days left. if you take out the one for our field trip and the four test days i have planned, that's only 12 teaching days!!

i can see the light!

anyway, i have apparently disappointed jenny. i got a new camera yesterday! i couldn't wait to go take pictures. that didn't happen. jerry picked me up after school, we went to wal mart, then to target, then back to wal mart to pick up a prescription. we didn't get home until after 6. by that time, casen was ready to eat and then needed to be held the rest of the night. plus, i felt less than great.

so...sorry, no pictures. maybe i'll have time to take some during the week and post on the weekend. we'll see. every picture of casen right now would have beat red eyes and nose. hopefully he'll feel better soon.

well, i got to school early so i could get some things done. this is not what i was planning.

gotta go.

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