Wednesday, October 24, 2007

utterly disappointed

our house is supposed to be finished next wednesday...yes, one week from today.

even though there is not a lick of paint on the walls, stain on the cabinets, tile or carpet on the floor, sprinkler system, or a fence.

but they promised!

we'll be moving in on friday.

the disappointing part?

we won't have grass in our yard until at least APRIL!!

i know it's fall and everyone's grass is going to be turning soon, but i still want grass. even if it's dead grass!

i guess i just never thought of the possibility of them not being able to plant grass until certain times.

so, even though we will be living there next weekend, when you come to visit (and you will all be coming to visit soon!) you will see one ugly, weed-infested, grassless yard!


Wendy said...

I'll bring green spray paint. :)

beautiful chaos said...

I don't mean to make light of the grass-less yard - but I think it's great! You can treat it with weed killer all winter long if need be and head the weeds off at the pass. By the time your lawn gets planted, you'll have almost no weeds to contend with and you won't have to worry about killing the baby grass with weed killer.
It's win/win.
And because you posted this, no one will dare comment on the incomplete yard...

Meems said...

Tough break with the grass. The perfect house should help take the sting out a little. Can't wait to see the finished product.

marme said...

Yeah and let's have a house warming party!

ree said...

Who cares about grass??? I don't care about grass!!!

Okay, if it were my house, I'd want grass, too...but you're moving into your new house...YAY!!!

Happy for you!!!

seph said...

i second the housewarming party idea. i love housewarming parties...

crys said...

we will be hosting part of the progressive dinner in december. that will be kinda like a house-warming party.

feel free to bring gifts! =)

i'm liking the green spray paint idea!