Tuesday, October 23, 2007

take the good with the bad

as much as i hate the weight gain and the not-so-fun ailments of pregnancy, i love being pregnant.

almost all day, i have at least one hand on my belly. he is moving so much right now and i can't bear the thought of missing one little kick.

it's amazing to feel his movements...sometimes slow and smooth, other times like he's swimming in a race or something, and then there's those not so subtle kicks. they're not starting to hurt yet, but i know that's coming. i'm okay with it. i just love to know that he's growing, prospering, developing.

i can't wait to meet him, but then again, once he's here, this experience will be over. we're planning on not having anymore. we'll be happy with our two boys. i'll be happy being the only girl in the house!

for now, i just relish in the thought of this growing being inside me.

jacob's little brother.

our second son.

thank you, Jesus.


beautiful chaos said...

What wonderful thoughts!
I really do remember with great fondness the feeling of my babies inside my body.
Almost everything else, I'll give back.
But their movements... there are no words.
I am glad you are sharing your beautiful thoughts.

Meems said...

Isn't it exciting wondering what the life inside of you will be like. What will he look like, talk like, act like? I'm glad to hear your taking it all in stride. Good Girl!!!

rw said...

you looked so sweet on sunday with your hand resting on your tummy. of course you did the occasional press in to shift the baby that every mom recognizes the moment she sees it again and remembers when she was pregnant. enjoy this time it goes so quickly.