Saturday, October 6, 2007

my baby

i feel like such an awful mom these days. i've been so consumed with school and being sick, i've neglected taking pictures of my baby.

here are the few i have taken in the past 3 weeks! normally, i would have like 100 to choose from. nope, just the 3.

this was him last night. can you believe how big he is?

we took this a couple of days ago because he needed a family picture for daycare for a project they're doing.

this was a couple of weeks ago before he headed off to "school" in his new pants.
(which, by the way, he had to show off to everyone when he got there. so funny!)

i can't even believe how fast time is flying. it seems like yesterday, it was him in my belly kicking away. now he's 2!

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