Wednesday, May 30, 2007

thank you, momma

most of you that have been around jacob know that he talks quite well. you may also know that he is a stubborn little boy. (i have no idea where he gets that from.) whenever i want him to talk or say something specific, he absolutely refuses.

the main culprit..."please". trying to get him to ask nicely for something has been a thorn in my side. he's getting better though. they've been working on it at daycare, and it's sorta becoming part of his routine.

well, yesterday, we were eating dinner. as usual, halfway through, he feels he's had enough (rice and strawberries...hey! he's eating, ok!) and he wants to get down and play. we don't try to force eating because it just backfires on us.

later, he comes back and wants another strawberry. i kindly hand him one, not thinking anything of it.

he walks away, stops, turns around with a huge smile on his face and says...

"thank you, momma."

one small step for most, one giant leap for me.

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