Thursday, May 17, 2007

i feel so loved

okay, so most of you know i do not like my current job. of course, i only have 2 weeks left of it, so that's a plus.

one of the hardest parts is that i'm a certified teacher but i co-teach all day long. i had to move into someone else's classroom and i'm generally thought of as the "aide" even though we are supposed to be equals.

i've never really felt like a true teacher.

in fact, today i had a teacher call my co-teacher and ASK if i could come up to the credit recovery lab to help some students my co-teacher was my boss or something. it just really irritated me. (she is a long-term sub and she didn't know any better)

but, when i got back to my room, two of my senior girls told me to come to the window and look at my car. they had written all over it with shoe polish!

most would probably be irritated and mad because they now had to wash their car...

but to me, today, it made me feel like a acknowledged, appreciated, loved teacher.

they wrote things like #1 teacher, karina loves u, and even sexy mama.

a very small thing, but it kinda made my day.

maybe i can make it through the next 2 weeks after all.

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La said...

I did not share your sentiment when our house was toilet papered 3 times in 1 week. Did I mention it was a very rainy week. Our trees rained toilet paper for months. Yuck!!!

But having my car say "sexy momma" I might not mind. =)