Thursday, March 29, 2007

the look

every morning, i drop jacob off at daycare. some mornings, he's so ready to play that he doesn't even acknowledge that i'm there once we arrive. quite heartbreaking for a mom.

but today, i once again tell him bye and he runs into my arms and just lays on me. "baby, momma has to go to work. why don't you go play with shadow?" (shadow is the cat.) he starts to walk away and then he turns to look at me, as if to say, "momma, are you really leaving?"

i walk out the door, turn around to close it, and there he is, still looking at me. he turns to walk away and stops. he once again turns around to look at me.

the look on his face broke my it is doing the same right now because it is implanted in my i sit here crying, longing to be with him.

the power of the look...

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