Wednesday, March 28, 2012


like most of you, we are crazy busy right now. with tax season for jerry, golf for jacob, soccer for casen, t-ball for both boys and well, everything for me, i really don't know how i keep it together. and i know as they get older it will only get worse. i'm a little scared.

this is the first time we've had more than one sport going at once. it's a little nuts. this past saturday, we started with a the boys' first t-ball game in the morning and then on to casen's soccer game in the afternoon and a senior shoot for me in the evening. it was a busy day.

this, of course, is what mya gets to do through all the craziness...hang out and be held by whoever will take her. in this case, daddy. she loves him. (and in case i didn't mention it, she'll be one in TWO days!)

here's my baby boy at the pitcher's mound. he's the youngest on the team by a few months. it shows. :)

here's my big boy about to plow into that ball.

seriously. does he not look like a stinkin' teenager or something? (by the way, how do you like his hair?)
oh, and see the eyes of the catcher in the background? that's a girl. a girl from his kindergarten class last year who had a big crush on him. judging from those eyes, i'd say she's still smitten. :)

this boy may be small, but he hit the ball really well.

i can't get enough of this. he has short legs and a large head. add a heavy helmet and it's like we're in slo-mo. poor kid.


he's improved much since last season.


and we move on to soccer. this was casen's second game. i missed the first one for a shoot in midland.
this is the start of casen's goal run. he's about at the middle of the field here.

a little closer to the goal and he's about to kick the ball. this is a huge thing for him. all last season, he was not able to kick without stopping first.

and here's the ball heading for the goal. score!!

he was just as surprised as we were. cutie.

once again, the baby girl just hanging out. :)

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