Monday, October 24, 2011

pumpkin patch.

we made a trip out to the pumpkin patch in grape creek this past weekend...which i never even knew existed, by the way. it was really cool. complete with tons of photo op set-ups and even llamas.

 jacob is super sensitive to light so his eyes are always squinty, and casen is going through a weird smile phase. cute, nonetheless.

 this is baby girl's snort smile. she gets really excited and breathes heavy through her nose. weird.

there's the sweet girl.

 daddy's girl.

the pumpkin was her drum.

two out of three looking at me...not bad.

told you there were llamas. casen thought he was the coolest.

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ree said...

Those are so good! Your kids are adorable...squinty, weird, snorty smiles or otherwise! ;)