Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Six months.

she's smiling at casen.
(although those boots look really large, it's really only the angle of the picture. the girl is six months old and these boots are an infant size one. can we say, tiniest feet ever?!)

here are her six-month stats:
  • 15 pounds 3 ounces (below average)
  • 25 inches (below average)
  • 17.5 inch head (above average) oh, come on! don't act like you're surprised. :)
  • blonde hair
  • blue eyes (incidentally, i looked back at pictures of casen. at eleven months, he still had blue eyes. they're now brown.)
  • still no teeth! i'm hoping the breaking of the first-tooth-at-four-months trend (by both boys) does not mean that there will also be a breaking of the waking-up-with-a-new-tooth-with-no-discomfort trend.
  • not a fan of veggies. i've been trying to find any kind of veggie-fruit mix that i can. they're mostly in those squeeze pouches from target. i'm just too lazy for the hassle of mixing them myself.
  • starting to hold her own bottle more and more. it gives me a little glimpse of freedom. i'm diggin' it. :)
  • can now suck on her toes. proof to come.
  • spits...alot. and not just like drool dripping out of her mouth. full out lips vibrating, slobber spraying, noise making spitting. and she thinks it's hilarious.
  • also does a weird snorting/breathing heavy thing through her nose. mostly when she's snotty. she thinks that's hilarious also.
  • getting closer to sitting. the problem is, as soon as she's in the sitting position, she locks her legs straight out in front of her. not the best for balancing. she then just topples over.
  • goes to mom's day out one day a week. last week, she cried as soon as she saw her teacher. not a good sign.
  • hardly ever naps. i'm just having to accept that with four must do trips out of the house by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, any kind of napping schedule will.never.happen.

she says hi. 

not sure what the whole fist-on-the-cheek is...still cute as can be.

such a dainty girl.

but not always very lady-like. :)

happy half a year, baby girl. momma loves!

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