Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seven months.

just realized she's wearing the same sweater that she wore in her six month picture. (gasp!) :)

here are her seven-month stats:
  • right at 16 pounds.
  • 27 inches. (either this or last month's measurement is wrong, or she grew 2 inches in one month. she does seem a lot longer...)
  • much more blonde hair.
  • bluer than ever eyes.
  • once again, no teeth!
  • will lay on the floor in the morning and drink her first bottle by herself. other than that, she gets easily distracted and i usually have to hold her for the rest of the day's bottles.
  • can sit for quite a while unsupported, but as soon as she gets off balance, she falls over.
  • rolls all over the place.
  • has not coordinated her legs and arms together to crawl yet. she'll get one set up and the other set will be flat on the ground.
  • is doing better at mom's day out. today, she didn't even cry when i dropped her off. progress.
  • still not much of a napper. i'm still having hard time accepting that. :)
  • loves to sit in her bumbo on the kitchen counter while i cook or do dishes.
  • discovered the game of throwing things on the floor to see if anyone will pick them up.
  • definitely knows she has a voice. she yells for no reason.
  • has the cutest little shy smile. most everyone gets long as momma's holding her.
  • does a weird head shaking thing now.
  • gets really excited when she's the center of attention. flails her arms and shakes her head. (hence the blurry hand in the next picture.)

happy seven months, baby girl. love, momma.

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