Tuesday, July 5, 2011

pizza night.

i have found it to be wholly true that when you involve your kids in the making of dinner, they are more interested in eating the meal. casen's still a little stubborn sometimes, but man, they have alot of fun doing it.
if you notice the tiny foot in the upper left corner, mya was a spectator.

look at that chubby hand.

can you tell casen's the cheese fan?

lookin' good!

and i must say, they tasted pretty darn good.


Meems said...

We love homemade pizza night around here too! So much fun and yummy!

no_iffer said...

Fun times!! And cute boys! Did you make the crust? Such a great idea!

crys said...

So fun! I did not make the crust. I bought what I think is called naan. It was a garlic and Parmesan flavor. Perfect for the pizza and so good!

mari said...

The "r" and the "n" on the word "darn" kind of run together.
For a second I thought you were misspelling a naughty word! :)