Monday, May 2, 2011

saturday morning pancakes.

our breakfasts generally consist of pop tarts, cereal or frozen waffles. jerry will sometimes make himself some kind of omelet, but neither me or the boys are a big fan of them.

saturday morning, i decided we'd do pancakes. i used to make pancakes quite often, but something about the effort and mess and time and kids and...well, you get the picture.

the boys were really not that excited about them...that is until i told them to go raid their stash of cookie cutters from their playdough bin.

they waited patiently... 

and then dug in.  

totally in love with those hands! 

jacob...getting ready to swing his baseball bat pancake. 

dinosaurs...always a big hit around here. 

i guess they tasted good too. 

and the aftermath... 

jacob has requested to make pancakes every saturday morning. :)

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