Thursday, May 19, 2011


That would describe the season in our life right now.

My baby boy graduated from kindergarten yesterday morning. (pictures will come later.) His first year of school is behind him. It seriously went so fast. There were so many things I wanted to do and just didn't. For example, having him make birthday cards for his classmates...never happened. Learning the names of his classmates' moms...never happened. Getting to know his teachers on a more personal level...never happened. The academic year is now over...with many things not done. What IS done is my son knowing how to read, how to count and write to 100 and beyond, how to distinguish a short vowel from a long vowel, how to add and subtract one-digit and even some two-digit numbers. All of these things were learned in the past nine months. I definitely give credit to his teachers. They are amazing! But I also give credit to myself. Because what I did get done this year is hardly ever miss a homework time, a bedtime story reading, a detailed telling of my boy's day, or a school event. And I never missed the opportunity to tell my baby how incredibly smart he is and how so very proud I am of him. To hear his teachers tell me over and over how sweet and talented he is warms my heart and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Though I didn't do everything I wanted, I did do everything that mattered.

Then we have Casen. He's totally different than Jacob. He's free-spirited and could care less what others think. Those traits have gotten him into a little trouble throughout the year with his kids' day out teacher. I really believe the boy wants attention and he's going to make sure he gets it...positive or negative. To say he's a challenge would be a definite understatement. I'm learning to pick my battles with him and trying to embrace his lackadaisical attitude. It's really hard to be mad at him when he looks at me with those big brown eyes. He'll be in preschool next year. I'm so ready to start seeing him learn and develop intellectually. Right now his main focus is to aggravate Jacob. I'm ready to see the next phase and how he's going to respond to it.

And then there's Mya. Baby girl turned seven weeks old today yesterday. She's on the verge of developing a personality. I can't wait to see which boy she will most resemble. I'd be happy with good mix of the two. :) She is definitely going through changes lately. We've gone from her sleeping all day long and then only a couple of hours at a time at night to not sleeping at all during the day and sleeping four to five hours at a time at night. I shouldn't complain but I feel more exhausted now than when she wasn't sleeping much at night. I get absolutely nothing done during the day. If she wasn't so stinkin' adorable, I'd be a little more aggravated with her. This too shall pass, I guess.

Oh, and then there's Jerry and I. We'll be married seven years on Sunday. I seriously love him more every day. Every day. Through all the craziness of our life at this moment, he still consumes my thoughts throughout the day. I LOVE him.


Change is good. We like change.

It's a good thing, huh?! :)

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Wendy said...

You are one lucky lady! I'm impressed that you even had a list of things you wanted to do this last year. I don't even try. Don't feel bad that you didn't get them done - the important things were done. Casen - totally defines a middle child.