Tuesday, February 15, 2011


after posting on saturday that the bedding should arrive sometime that day, it only figures that it didn't. in fact, it didn't make it until yesterday. i've been stalking the ups website for over two weeks now waiting for it to come in. so frustrating.

but it's here now. so, without further ado, i present to you mya's (almost complete, but still lacking a few small detail items) nursery.

the view from the door and a close-up of the poms hanging from the ceiling. jerry is totally paranoid about one of these things falling from the ceiling and mya getting caught in the monofilament they're hanging from. touchy subject. :)

 the long-awaited bedding. i LOVE it! the ivory bumper and skirt are perfectly simple against the printed sheet. i plan to acquire a couple of other sheets in different patterns to have for back-up when accidents happen.

close-up of the sheet print. it's amy butler fabric. if you've never looked at her collection, you should!

 view from the other side of the crib.

some of the wall decor. this looks much smaller in the picture. in reality, it takes up the majority of the largest wall in her room. i'm in love with the whole arrangement. i still need more "stuff" for the dresser. i just need new places to shop. hopefully an upcoming trip to san antonio will solve that.

 the inside of her toybox currently filled with random stuff...bottles, blankets, sleepers, toys, etc.

other wall decor. this shelf hangs over the right corner of her bed next to a large mirror. i'm not totally satisfied with it, but this is the stuff i have to occupy it for now. the basket with the miniature poms hangs next to the closet door.

 the top drawer of the changing table (which i realized i didn't post a picture of and probably won't because i'm too lazy right now to take one, edit it and insert it in this post) is filled with the tiniest diapers ever. it's amazing how so many details get forgotten as your kids grow up. i can't imagine her being so small that she will need these tiny things.

this shelf hangs to the right of her closet door, and this "m" hangs over the left corner of her crib above the blue side table shown in a previous post.

 and last is the poorest excuse for a girl's closet i have ever seen. i'm not sure what's wrong with me. other than not having a ton of extra money to spend right now, i can see no other reason why i have not filled this thing to the brim with girls' clothes. again, hopefully that san antonio trip will solve this.

so the nursery is definitely on it's way to being ready for my girl. i would not be in any way heartbroken if she decided to arrive before i get it finished. :)


Wendy said...

HOLY COW!! That look AMAZING!! You should post them on one of those nursery websites. I bet you'll get lots of nice comments.

seph said...

ohdeedoh. nursery submission. do it now. completely and utterly beautiful.

clw said...

Oh my. This is stunning. Beautiful job! And I didn't know you are now an official SAHM! YAY!

ree said...

Love. Love. LOVE!!!
But, yes....that closet needs more PINK! ;)

(Petra)Sweet said...

You have done an amazing job on your beautiful nursery!! You have great talent!! Beautiful is an understatement!! I love the decor hanging from the ceiling. Where in the world did you find this??!!

crys said...

thanks, guys! i'm totally in love with it!

the decor from the ceiling is handmade. the colored poms are made from tissue paper and the white one is made from fabric and a chinese lantern.