Saturday, August 22, 2009


on monday, my summer will officially be over. i will no longer get to spend my days with these two precious boys.

i'm always a little ready to start back to school as the summer nears end. mainly because the boys start getting more comfortable (testy) with me. this summer, casen was old enough to start tormenting jacob...and it occurred most every day. but now that i've been working for nearly 3 weeks now, i miss them! i just miss them.

i will never have another summer like this. as we near the end of next summer, we will be getting jacob ready for kindergarten. kindergarten! that makes me so sad. on the other hand, i will be spending most of my days with casen. my sweet, rebellious, adorable, bratty, chubby, so-not-jacob, baby boy. i can't wait for that.

but that's a whole year away. for now, i will be spending most of my days with 120ish 7th graders...sweet, rebellious, adorable, bratty 7th graders. not exactly my ideal situation, but i'll take it.

for now.

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Wendy said...

That has got to be the cutest dang picture!