Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh my goodness...

most of you know that jenny and i photograph weddings together. well, we had one this past saturday that was absolutely beautiful!
this post is so not about the wedding or about the photography.
it is solely about this salad.
i know, weird.
but if you had tasted the thing, you'd know what i'm talking about.
if you can't tell, it is made up of spinach leaves, watermelon, cantaloupe, some version of dark sesame seeds, and some kind of vinaigrette dressing.
it was so good that jenny and i both had two of them. we sat at a table alone and there were extras. don't judge. we didn't want it to waste.
anyway, i'm so in love with it that i bought stuff yesterday to recreate it. although i couldn't find the sesame seeds, i don't think they contributed anything to the taste anyway...just made it look pretty.
here's my version: baby spinach leaves, cantaloupe, watermelon, and regular italian dressing.
it wasn't exactly it due to the dressing, but man, it was still good! there's something about the juice from the watermelon mixing with the dressing that just makes it. and i'm pretty sure there's a set way to make it. i'm convinced that you must put the dressing on the bottom of the dish and then layer with the spinach leaves, cantaloupe, and watermelon. if you let it sit a little while, the juice from the fruit will seep down into that dressing. then, glorious!
try it!
(okay, this is probably one of the more bizarre posts i've ever done, but it's that good! even jerry ate it.)


CG said...

They sell a watermelon vinegerette at HEB. That might help.

no_iffer said...

we totally ate that salad the next day too! I used a raspberry vinagerette and it was pretty good. That salad was life changing! :)

kj said...

okay, pregnant lady checking your blog about 14 times a day. i'm not saying you have to update all the time, just right now. you have to move that picture further down the page so i actually have to search for it. it looks to good to see and not have every single day of my life...