Thursday, May 21, 2009

part of my heart is gone.

i watched my babies drive off this morning with my parents knowing that i won't be seeing them again until monday.

i seriously think it never gets any easier to part with them. i want to cry every time.

it's bittersweet.

jerry and i will be married 5 years tomorrow. we're going to have a weekend away.

our plan:
  • we'll leave as soon as i get off tomorrow and head for boerne.
  • we're staying with kylah and mike friday night. yay!
  • saturday morning, the boys are golfing at la cantera, and us girls are going to shop...or whatever we feel like.
  • saturday night, jerry and i are staying at la cantera. i can't wait! it's such a nice hotel. we're spoiling ourselves.
  • not sure the plan for sunday yet. probably sleep in and have a late breakfast.
  • sunday night, we'll be having burgers with kylah and mike and their neighbors.
  • monday morning, we'll leave to meet my parents and pick up my boys.

i really can't wait! for one, i get alone time with my husband. and two, i get to hang out with my friend. always good times!

but i really miss my babies. :/


Wendy said...

So, honestly, did you really miss them? I think the break is wonderful, missing them, maybe a little.

Adri said...

this is adriana...i thought i saw you and jerry at the La Cantera Westin on Saturday! you guys were walking and holding hands. we went to austin for the CPA swearing in and drove to San Antonio for the weekend afterwards. happy anniversary!