Friday, May 22, 2009

five years

five years ago today, i married the man of my dreams.

it feels like yesterday.

i remember trying my wedding dress on for the first time...perfect fit.

i remember planning the took about two weeks. :)

i remember the biggest wedding shower ever...seriously, people left early because there were so many gifts.

i remember the best bachelorette party...cute clothes, cheddar's, fun painted glasses, and bath salts.

i remember the embarassing lingerie shower...i had to model. :/

i remember the most beautiful bridal breakfast...perfect start to the wedding day.

i remember getting ready...calm as a cucumber.

i remember walking down that hall with my dad...he was so nervous.

i remember seeing my smiling fiance as i approached of my life.

i remember saying our vows...never missed a beat.

i remember being pronounced husband and wife...glorious moment.

i remember a perfectly decorated apartment for our wedding night...thanks to my friends.

i remember a relaxing honeymoon...just us.

i remember coming home and starting our life together...together forever.

my love,
what an incredible journey we have experienced so far. in a short five years, we've added two incredible boys, a wonderful home, great friends. i can't wait to see what the next five years have to bring. i love you so much my heart hurts. there's nothing more i want to do than just be with you. i can't wait for our weekend away.
i love you.

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marme said...

It was a most gorgeous wedding and festivities. And it does seem like yesterday. Congratulations for 5 happy years and many more blessed ones to come. I love you both.