Monday, February 2, 2009

super bowl xliii

two super bowl squares - $10
one super bowl food spread - $30
one trip to the emergency room during the super bowl - $100

being able to take my baby home after being stuck three times with a needle, given a breathing treament, and having a chest x-ray - priceless

yep. that's where we were for most of the super bowl.

jacob was coughing horribly all day yesterday. sometime around six o'clock, he started having trouble breathing and just looked awful. so we took him in.

this is the second time we've been to the er with him since he was born. this time was almost equally as bad as the last.

they gave him a breathing treatment...we had already given him four earlier in the day with no relief.

they then decided he needed an iv to get a steroid through. the nurse came in and stuck him twice with no luck. the whole time she was telling him to try not to move.

you're sticking a three-year old with a needle and torturing him and all the while telling him to stay still?? are you kidding me?! i could have strangled her!

someone else came in and immediately got a vein.


then they took a chest x-ray. it pretty much showed the same thing as the one we had done a month ago, except instead of having gunk in his upper right lung, it's now in the lower left.


diagnosis: bronchiolitis.
treatment: another steroid and more breathing treatments.
follow-up: see dr. wehner today.

to top it all off, casen has just started coughing and has green snot!

seriously, will it ever end?!?!

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Mari said...

poor little guys, they just can't catch a break.

p.s. we enjoyed your superbowl spread.