Sunday, January 4, 2009

and this is where we have been...

for the past five days, this has been us every three hours.

we took jacob to the doctor on wednesday because he was coughing uncontrollably and had been for a couple of days.

the nurse came in and listened to him and could tell he had tons of stuff in his chest. she hooked him up to the oxygen saturation monitor to get a reading. it was in the low 90's. they'd like for it to be high 90's.

she called the doctor in. after taking one listen, the doctor said he definitely had bronchiolitis and possibly asthma...again with the asthma...and maybe even pneumonia.

she wanted him to have a breathing treatment right then to see if they could get his oxygen level up.

on the contrary, it went down!

so they give him another one. still not where it should be.

we get a prescription for a steroid, one to treat bronchiolitis, and then one for a nebulizer and albuterol. for the next two days, we gave breathing treatments every three hours, and the medicine just like we should. we were told if he got any worse, to take him to the er.

friday morning, we go back in for a check-up. jacob was acting so much better...much like himself. we were definitely expecting the ok on everything.

not so. his oxygen level was now in the 80's. they brought in a new machine. no different.

to top it off, casen woke up friday morning coughing. we had him checked also.

the doctors have no idea what's going on because jacob is acting so well. they order a chest x-ray and we have to go over to the pedi part of the hospital for another oxygen reading.

in the meantime, she prescribed casen an antibiotic for an ear infection, and also gave us one just in case he starts wheezing and develops rsv.

are you kidding me?!

in case you haven't read this, we're kinda in the same boat.

we go for the chest x-ray. my little boy was so brave! while i, on the other hand, just wanted to cry. we also got another oxygen reading and it was around 90 - 91. still not good.

the doctor calls me on the my way home to tell me the results of the chest x-ray.

the radiologist said there's mucus plugging his lungs which is causing the difficulty to breathe. unfortunately, there's so much mucus, he can't even tell if there's pneumonia in there or not.


i'm now completely freaked out...watching jacob's every move, because the doctor said that where his oxygen level is, he could either be getting better or turn for the worse in no time. she said if we see any kind of distress, to get him to the er immediately to have him admitted.

meanwhile, casen woke up this morning wheezing. i've started him on the steroid also.

we're still at home. jacob's been really good. he's acting like himself, he's eating, he's playing. you'd never know he was sick.

but he is. and i'm still scared to death.

we go back in at 9 in the morning. that means i'll be taking another day off from school. my brother is going to stay with him tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, because i don't want him exposed to anyone right now.

so that's where we are and where we will be for at least another day.


Sara the crazy red headed girl said...

oh wow I'm so sorry to hear that the boys are sick. I hope they get better.

Jenni said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers going up. Poor babies!

JAC said...

I am so sorry and you can know you will ALL be in our prayers. Prayers DO change things!

alicia said...

Bless your hearts! We'll be praying for your little guys. Putting them on the fridge and mirror right now.

Meems said...


Sara_Smiles said...

Prayers going up for you guys. WOW!!! That is a bit scary!