Tuesday, December 30, 2008

almost one year

here is my 11-month old baby boy. we had a mini photo shoot this morning in the backyard. i absolutely cannot believe he'll be one-year old in just a month!look at that sweet smile. does that not just melt your heart?!

at 11 months, casen:
  • says dada, jacob, thank you, uh oh, hello, papa, and momma. and he said them in that order. how sad is that?!
  • cruises along the furniture.
  • stands for a second or two on his own.
  • gets into everything!
  • is a huge momma's boy.
  • loves jacob...well, mainly his toys. =)
  • still eats a ton.
  • has the sweetest smile.
  • has 4 teeth and at least 3 others coming in as we speak.
  • finally has a pair of shoes...that he can actually wear.
  • loves to play peek-a-boo.

things are so different with the second child. with jacob, i wanted him to advance so quickly. with casen, i'm just relishing in every stage. it goes so fast. soon my boys will be grown and wanting to move out.

i'm putting my foot down now...NOT gonna happen!

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Wendy said...

He is a really handsome little boy.