Monday, January 5, 2009


we went back to the doctor this morning. they took an oxygen reading on jacob. it was around 94. still not great, but so much better.

doc said we need to stick with the breathing treatments, but not as frequent. down to 3 a day for now until the cough completely goes away.

he's cleared for daycare, although i'm a little scared and he'll be staying home through thursday.

but thanks for all the prayers. and thank you, God, for being so faithful in answering!

now for casen. he woke up this morning wheezing pretty bad. he was staying home with me anyway, so i took him with us to the doctor. she agreed to see him also.

his oxygen level was about 96. pretty good. he has an ear infection that's really bothering him. doc said the wheezing kinda goes with it. she said he probably has rsv, but didn't think was a huge deal right now.

we just have to watch for a fever with him and the cough getting worse. other than that, we should be in the clear.

of course, we do have to start breathing treatments on him also.

uh...i just tried.

short of tying him down, i'm not sure how that's going to work. =)

again, thanks for all the prayers. i'll be home with my boys today and tomorrow loving and taking care of them.


Mari said...

You're such a good momma.

Jenni said...

Bless all your hearts. I'm so glad things are looking better. Don't worry about a thing here - Blake's got our rowdy little darlings under her thumb. :)