Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the trip

and we're back...

we had so much fun! it was so nice to get to spend some quality time with my husband!

don't get me wrong...i missed my boys like crazy! i called them twice a day.

here are a few pictures from the trip.

this was the day we arrived. jerry's friend got us a limo service from the airport. so nice! champagne and roses! the driver kindly took us to this sign so we could get a picture.

this was our hotel. it was really nice. the crazy lights and billboards you see were part of the "miracle mile shops". the thing was practically surrounded by a mall!

and this crazy thing was on one of the walls of our room! never mind where the flash happened to hit...these are unedited pics!

nightlife in las vegas.

we were right next door to the paris hotel. this is the beautiful eiffel tower at night. amazing!

jerry and i in caesar's palace.

our first night, we went to eat at bobby flay's mesa grill. incredible! i'm so bummed that i was too stuffed to get dessert there!

pirate ship at treasure island.
gold lion at mgm grand. this was right before our cirque du soleil show.

jerry in front of some very large egyptian guy. i tried to get him to crawl up in his lap. he was too chicken!

here's me holding jacob's spider puppy we built at build-a-bear.

again, the trip was wonderful. exhausting, but wonderful. i'm definitely glad to be home. now it's back to work for jerry and momma time with my boys!


cassandra sagan webb said...

Looks like you had a great time! I've been to Vegas twice (but both times I was a little girl). I'd love to take Aaron, but he's afraid to go. He thinks we'll gamble all our money away! (Which is funny because we don't really even gamble in the first place!)

cassandra sagan webb said...

P.S. I never knew you wanted to be a teacher! I thought you had plans to go into accounting or something like that. I guess I was way off! ;)

kj said...

so glad you guys had fun! i can't wait to go back!