Wednesday, June 4, 2008

off to vegas!

and we're off!

well, not quite.

i've got a workshop today until 4. ang is keeping the boys. you're the best!

but after that, we're headed to my parents.

the boys will be staying there while we're gone.

we leave out early tomorrow morning.

i'm so excited, yet so bummed.

jacob woke up super early this morning, and i've just been relishing my time with him.

i don't know what i will do for four mornings of not waking up to that sweet, "hey, momma."

okay, that's about all i can muster at this point, otherwise i'll be drenched in tears.

see you guys next week!


Meems said...

I hope your trip is everything you need and want it to be....good times.

ree said...

I hope you have a great time!!!

Sara_Smiles said...

Safe trip! Thanks for coming by to see us at Shannon! Let me know when you get back...we are in need of another mommy's night out, I think.