Saturday, June 28, 2008



seeing e's newly decorated room inspired me to do something to casen's...after five months! i've been busy, okay!

anyway, here's the tour.

this is the view from the door.

here's the "sitting area". i still need a lamp.

this is a close-up of the dresser decor. that white shelf was a mirror from hobby lobby. the mirror was broken so it was on clearance. i took some paper and vellum and made my own creation.

this is a close-up of what's hanging over his crib.

this is my mobile project. i saw something incredibly similar online...for a "low" price of $148! ha! try $10. even if it's not perfect, casen loves it!

simple little "prince sleeps here" plaque by the closet.

and of course, the perfect accessory!

by the way, my baby got his first tooth! he can now roll over. we're working on sitting up with that massive head. he'll hold his own bottle for a short time. he's so fun. definitely a happy baby...unless he's tired. in that case, you can hear him from outside the nursery at church to the opposite end of the sanctuary!

a little side note with jacob...we've begun potty training. he's doing well so far. we went to a movie this morning, and he went three times during! hopefully we can be out of diapers soon. how wonderful would that be?!?!


ree said...

The room looks great! I love that mobile!
I can't believe how much he has grown...what a cutie-pie!
Miss y'all!

seph said...

this is an outstandingly cute nursery! and don't you love those word thingies from hobby lobby? i totally considered the one you have for gray. but i got one that says "behold wonder" instead. it went with his colors really well. the "dream" in ellie's room is one of those too. i want to know how you made that mobile!! i think i'll have to copy 'cause i can't find anything i like -- even an expensive one -- for gray's room. and the window/no glass/paper instead thing..genius! yea for way cute baby rooms! you did an amazing job.

Wendy said...

I really like his room. Your mobile is great, love the stripes and writing on the wall. How'd you do that writing? Your handwriting isn't THAT perfect, is it? Thanks for the tour.

Missy said...

His room is so cute! Especially that mobile! You did a wonderful job!!

kdp said...

i love the sentence by the picture. you young girls are so much more creative than i ever was. have a great birthday. i will be there in spirit.

by the way the computer looks great and matches mu other furniture perfectly.

Sheena said...

SO I know that this is a rather older post but I think that your amazing idea of creating a mobile the way you did was great. It most definately looks like it could be sold for $145.