Friday, April 4, 2008

6:47 a.m.

i'm sitting here alone.


because i just sent both my boys with my mom. she's taking them to her house for the weekend.

casen's first road trip. he was pretty awake when they left. i hope he does okay.

jacob is so excited to go ride the tractor with his papa and to see the "moo moo's".

i...well...i am a little sad.

it is a good thing, because i've got a jam-packed two days coming...but still sad.

i'm going to leave tomorrow after matt and mandy's shower and head that way. i'll stay saturday night and come back sunday.

jerry will be working ALL weekend. he actually welcomed the idea of me leaving so he wouldn't feel guilty about working so much.

so, if in the next couple of days i seem a little saddened, you know why.

i miss my boys already!

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