Friday, April 25, 2008

no words...

i was talking to jerry on the phone last night as he and jacob were driving home from the basketball game. we're having a fine conversation when all i hear are horns and something about a wreck.

at that point, the phone cuts off.

a wreck??

i was freaking out. i tried to call him back. he didn't answer. i called again. he answered, but only long enough to say, "we're okay", and hear my baby call for his mommy, and the phone cut off again. i called again. this time, he was able to talk long enough to tell me they were okay and i needed to come get them.

this was about 9:40 last night.

i took casen out of his crib and loaded him in the car. the whole way i'm just praying. i knew jerry said they were okay, but i was still worried.

i was halfway okay until i passed the scene and saw the lights of fire trucks and police cars going off.

at that point, i was freaking out.

i pulled up, left the car running with casen in it, and went to find my babies.

jacob looked so pitiful and scared. i just held him so close and kept telling him i loved him.

i have never been so scared in my life.

apparently, jerry looked back to see what jacob was doing and when he turned around, a couple of cars in front of him had stopped abruptly and he couldn't swerve enough to miss them.

they weren't going very fast. they were on the access road about to get on houston harte.

the other car had minimal damage. they had to tow jerry's truck off. we don't know the extent of the damage yet.

my babies are okay, though. no cuts or bruises...well, jerry has a couple of scrapes on his knees from falling after he got jacob out of the truck.

anyway, this is an experience i never want to endure again. the thought of something happening to one of my babies is unbearable.


beautiful chaos said...

Thank Jesus they're okay!
I had high blood pressure just reading about it.

Meems said...

Going through things like that has a way of quickly reminding us of how blessed we are.

Glad your so blessed.

ree said...

I'm so glad everyone's okay!!! Thank you, Lord!

marme said...

thank you Jesus for keeping my boys safe.

ree said...

On a lighter note...

Jerry must've been serious when he told Dan he was thinking about getting an H2! =)

CG said...

Thank you Jesus! I just read this today. This made be think how I was watching J. play today in the nursery. He is sooo precious! If I had of read this sooner I would have hugged you and that precious red headed boy. God is soooo good.

kablot spot said...

I'm glad they are ok.