Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the same predicament as jenny...almost

so i'm not working right now, but i am in the same situation with two of which is sick.

jacob started getting really gooky eyes on monday night. i was afraid it was pink eye. he stayed home with me yesterday and seemed to be feeling better. jerry came to get him this morning to take him to not the case. his eyes were worse. he's home again.

casen is sleeping...only for the moment.

i must attend the TAKS training today at school from 3 - 6 p.m. i also need to go to the admin building before then to get casen added to my insurance.

jerry works until at least 6. the original plan was to have him leave work at 5 to go pick jacob up from daycare and just make up an hour of work some other time. casen would just go with me to the training.

the plan has now changed. jerry will probably be taking off around 2 or so leaving four hours to make up.

it's amazing how complicated things get by just adding another child in the mix.

i'll be lucky to get in a shower today.

for those who will see me at might not want to sit too close. =)


La said...

shower? what's that? =) invest in good deodorant. that's all i can say.....

beautiful chaos said...

I'll keep him for you.