Thursday, February 28, 2008

almost over

today is thursday...which means in 4 days i will return to work.

where have the past 4 weeks gone??

this is crazy business.

i know my baby boy will be in good hands with seph...certainly not worried about that.

i know i will be okay. i go back for 2 weeks and then have spring break. then 2 more months and i'll have the whole summer.

i haven't even really let myself think about next week. i did go up to the school yesterday to try to get things prepared for my return, but other than that, i've blocked it out.

be prepared, seph. monday morning, i could be an emotional wreck. i'll try to make it as painless as possible. hopefully the distraction of having to drop jacob off and most assuredly running late will help.

pray for me!!


Meems said...

I hope your next four days are filled with all things nice.

Sara_Smiles said...

I was counting today. We have LESS THAN 60 days left. Praise Jesus for that one! I (for one) will be happy to see your smiling face at school again. Even though I KNOW that means you are away from Senor Cutie-pants. Enjoy your next days! See you Monday. word verification below is hilarious! See my post about this humerous bit.

seph said...

i'll be prepared, and i'm praying. i can bring him up during your conference and/or lunch period for kisses, remember? i remember when laura or landon would bring ellie during lunch (and that was a 35-40 minute drive each way!) when i first went back, and it was like seeing her for the first time. it was so nice. mamas seriously have a physical reaction to leaving their tiny babies in the beginning. just let me know what i can do...