Friday, April 13, 2007

for my husband

as most of you know, jerry is a cpa. he is in the middle of full-fledged tax season. only 3 working days left of the seemingly unending 4 months. i cannot wait for this day.

he works so much and i am so proud of him. he strives to be the best and will settle for nothing less. this is why he has become so successful and is already building a reputable client base.

that said, i am ready to have my husband back. i am ready to come home from work and wait only 10 minutes for him to get home as opposed to 4 hours. granted, i am definitely exaggerating because only this week has it been this bad...but still, i am a baby when it comes to time with him.

in being this way, i get caught up in thinking of the time i've lost rather than relishing in the time we have.

for this i am sorry.

my dear husband,
i love you more than words could ever express. you are my very best friend. you have brought me unimaginable joy. i am so glad we were chosen for each other. i could not envision myself spending the rest of my life with anyone else.

you are a wonderful husband, dad, son, friend...and so much more. you do so many little things that never get noticed...or at least never said. know that i appreciate every thing you do. from making the bed in the morning to doing the dishes after a long day.

thank you for being so giving and always putting your family before anything else.

i love you so much. i only hope that my actions speak for the words that i forget to say.

i love you!

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