Monday, January 2, 2012

Nine months.

i'm in awe of how much older she looks here than last month.

here are her nine-month stats:
  • 17.7 pounds.
  • 28 inches.
  • blondie.
  • still baby blue.
  • what's that?? teeth? yes! two of them! had 'em for about a week now.
  • naps? ha!
  • last month she was babbling "m" sounds. that came to a screeching halt and was replaced with "d" sounds. grrr...
  • is a master sitter. can even turn in circles now.
  • still prefers rolling. the latest maneuver is to turn in a circle on her belly until she's pointing the right direction and then roll to her desired location.
  • loves her toys. until christmas, she really didn't have any.
  • is, without a doubt, the loudest child i have ever heard. she yells/screams when she's happy OR sad. not much differentiation. there are times when i'm afraid she's going to bust my ear drum...seriously.
  • has quite the temper. when she doesn't get her way, she clinches her fists, grits her two teeth and shakes. it's a little scary.
  • is no longer interested in wearing headbands. tragic. (this one came off as soon as i left her hands alone.)
  • has never been and is still not interested in wearing shoes. tragic. (i put these shoes on multiple times during the two minutes i was taking her pictures.)
  • still loves me. especially when she's sad.
  • stops everything as soon as she hears her daddy's voice when he comes home from work.
  • absolutely LOVES to be outside. if she sees outside through the door or window and doesn't get to go, she throws a fit. luckily it's been a little warmer this past week.
totally in love with this over-the-top smile!

happy nine months, baby girl. momma loves.

here are a few more pictures for entertainment.
this looks like attitude already. you better check that!

the shoes! she only wanted to eat them the whole time.

the next three pictures were taken back to back. my how she can turn fast.

 again with the over-the-top smile. love.

i guess we're done. :) oh, see those teeth?!

outside time.

we really have to watch the boys' toys. everything goes to her mouth these days.

how'd this cutie get in here??

and this one??

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