Tuesday, June 14, 2011


i'm way too far behind to catch up at this point. here's what you've been missing about our life the past couple of months.


jerry's birthday
with an amazing cake! (that i made myself)
jacob's easter party 
fun at the lake 

easter egg hunt 
easter sunday 


mother's day parties at the boys' school

mother's day tea with my baby girl 
mother's day (not much cooperation) 
jacob' kindergarten graduation 

more fun at the lake 
boys' last day of school 
even more fun at the lake 
mya's dedication 
memorial day 


summer craft
first pool attempt (not successful)

that's the short and sweet, unedited version. i'll try to keep up from now on. don't hold your breath. all this is being posted while baby girl is stirring in her swing and getting ready to cry her eyes out. :)

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