Thursday, June 17, 2010

sea world

we took a mini vacation a couple of weeks ago to san antonio. we stayed at a hotel on the riverwalk one night and then with kylah for the next two. much fun!
this was jacob's second trip to sea world and casen's first. they had a blast! and we had fun watching them!
casen obviously looks thrilled here. :) he was probably pouting because jacob got out of the car first...a daily fight in the ramirez household.

casen was too scared to get in the picture.

can you see casen clinging to jerry? i'm telling you...terrified!
we did NOT sit in the splash zone. i just can't make myself do it.

this was jacob's first roller coaster ride ever. he was quite thrilled. actually, this was his second. he rode it once earlier in the day, but i didn't get a picture. he was with jerry, and i was busy looking for one of the bands to my wedding ring. i'll give you one guess who was responsible...casen! a whole other story. :)

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