Thursday, March 5, 2009


okay, so maybe it doesn't require that much excitement. nevertheless, i am super excited!

the uppercase living/thirty-one party is tomorrow at my house. i can't wait to get more things to go on my walls!


where: my house

when: friday, march 6, 6:30 to whenever

who: if you're reading, you're invited!

what: wall words and bags

food: marble cheesecake, banana pudding, mini brownie cookies, and strawberry shortcake

can't wait! hope to see you there!

(ashley b, i never got your address. come!)


Wendy said...

This is my official rsvp. I've been meaning to call this week. I love the word art, but I can't promise to be a big spender. We're trying to be good.

Michelle said...

If this is were we are officially RSVPing then I'm in. I can't wait.

cassandra sagan webb said...

What is thirty-one??

crys said...

thirty-one is a bag...tote...carry-stuff-in...thing. =)

here's the website.

and here's the uppercase living.

these are the sites for my rep. feel free to order!

Sara_Smiles said...

Sorry that I didn't make it. Dad is headed to New Orleans (waaah!) and we spent the evening with him before he took off. I hope you had fun!

I tagged you on something. check out my blog to see...