Friday, March 20, 2009

casen got his hair cut

obviously from the first picture, you can tell he was not thrilled.

not sure what caught his attention, but it worked!

hair in the nose.

there's his crazy grandma entertaining him.

and the after picture. the main difference is the length in the back. i still have mixed feelings about the whole thing.


JAC said...

Such a little doll - I would love to love on him..

Mari said...

That first picture is priceless! He looks like a little boy now : (

Mari said...

Ok, let me clarify:

He looked like a boy before, but a boy baby. Now he looks like a big boy.

After I read my first post, I realized that could mean that he looked like a girl before...sorry : )

Jenni said...

I think he's still beautiful... for a boy. :)

kj said...

awww....he's so sweet! i love his hair cut!! he does look like a big boy now, though...:(

ree said...

Such a big boy!
AND a cutie-pie!

(I must say, though, that I would be screaming, too, if I was put in a strange chair, draped with a cape, and had people with foil in their hair talking to me. I'm just sayin'...) :)

marme said...

Well, I really liked running my fingers through his precious long hair...

but he sure looks handsome!